If you did not find a good and unbiased Herbalife review yet, here is mine…

The health and wellness industry is an ever-growing niche. That trend is prominent especially in the Multilevel Marketing business with so many companies jumping the bandwagon. Before you commit to joining a particular network marketing company, it is important to do your research first. If you look online, chances are you will come across Herbalife and quite a few Herbalife reviews. Just like other companies in the industry, Herbalife is known for their weight loss products.

Herbalife Review – Then and Now

Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes who dreamed of “a future brilliant beyond compare”. It is safe to say it is an established company. Back then, Hughes envisioned a company that will help people achieve optimum nutrition and at the same time give them unparalleled business opportunity. The company continues to thrive even after the founder’s death in 2000. To this day, Herbalife distributes their products in 75 countries, has around 4,000 regular employees in their offices worldwide and a network of over 2 million independent distributors. Some of the best things about Herbalife is that it is a publicly traded company that reported a net sale of $2.7 billion in 2010 alone. On top of all that, it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau or BBB and is a member of the Direct Selling Association. DSA is the organization that ensures their members have the best business practices and abides their code of ethics.

Herbalife Review – The Products

True to their commitment to optimum health, Herbalife stopped manufacturing products that contain ephedra in 2000. It was when numerous researches confirmed that the substance increases the risks for certain heart conditions. In 2004, they released safer products that don’t contain the harmful substance. Although Herbalife is most popular for their weight management products, they have expanded their product lines and it now includes targeted nutrition, energy, sports and fitness as well as outer nutrition.

Herbalife Review – The Breakaway Compensation Plan

The Herbalife compensation plan is a fairly traditional breakaway plan. This plan is more complicated guadagno extra da casa compared to what is used by other MLM companies such as unilevel plans. It is designed in a way that when a distributor meets a certain criteria, he or she can break away from the original sponsorship line and earn a certain percentage of the entire break away organization sales. Herbalife distributors find that the compensation plan allows for more flexibility and motivation across all levels in a team. However, since the compensation plan is different from what most network marketers are familiar with, new distributors may find it challenging to sign new members up. It can also results in a lot of lost earnings when some people break away from your team. So after doing this Herbalife review about the compensation plan, I personally would not recommend joining a company using a breakaway plan (although some newer version might be fine), but it is just my humble opinion.

Going Beyond The Herbalife Reviews

Reading this Herbalife review is a great first step to make sure that it is a good company if you have been invited to join. But just like any other opportunity, you will need to work smart in order to achieve your goals. The bottom line is, to make a great living and grow a very large organization in Herbalife or any other MLM company you must learn how to sponsor a lot of people and train your team to do the same using a MLM lead generation system and an integrated duplication and training system.

This is one of the first thing I recommend people to do when they decide they want to get started in marketing a new network marketing opportunity. I tell them to not push their products or company right up front but instead give a lot of good value to people, educate them on how to use a system and the Internet to market effectively. I tell them I cannot promise a silver bullet or any miracle solution that will make them rich tomorrow but I can provide solid information and personalized support for the one motivated and ready to move forward!


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