Home church can sole biblical understanding and discipline. Today in the internet, you can find all kinds of free resources to tell you the original word used in a particular verse. Then look it up and study. Find out how else the translation could read. Find the underlying cause of it and do not believe what others tell you.

Most preachers, pastors, and churches have their own agendas to day. You stick with God and Holy Spirit will teach you. It is time consuming lift up a banner and hard work. Days are coming and it is now men will become lazy. They want to be spoon fed even in Christian matters. It is easy to blame it all on the pastor and do what you want.

We are responsible for our children. The bible does not ever give them to pastors or teachers. Fathers are the leaders for children. Fathers have the responsibility to raise them right. The bible tell us fathers to talk to them about the word of god when they sit, stand, lei down literally it means l the time. Plant the word in their hearts when they are babies and it will grow to be a fruitful tree. Home church will plant them early.

If fathers neglect teaching them it is almost guaranteed that most will grow to be ungodly. Mothers can only do so much to step to the plate if fathers fail. It is God’s command that fathers raise the children with discipline and training. Train the child when he is young in the way he should go and he will not forget it when he is old.

There is no substitute for father’s love. Children adore and love their fathers. The father has to be very careful in discipline and training. He should not overstep his boundaries. He should not be overly corrective, critical, and abusive in his approach. The approach to training is always in the best interest of the child. Home church can correct the father.

Love and tender teaching and raining will go a long way than harsh, hard training. Do not train them like a slave. Train him or her to be the best that God has made them. Love means understanding, forgiveness, mercy, grace, and tenderness.

Always be tender to your children and tell them always in a loving way. If possible, talk to them about the why and what. They will respond better. When there has to be discipline do it carefully and firmly. A home church will help you be the best father.


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