The Vivo Y11 smart phone from Oppo is one of the most talked about mobiles in the Indian market today. It is very tempting to buy such a sleek and stylish mobile which comes with so many features. If you are planning to buy this latest model of Oppo mobile phones, then you can do so online from various websites that sell these products direct. However, before you place an order, you need to know all the facts. In this article we will discuss the Vivo Y11 reviews and its prices in India.

Vivo Y11 review – Price in India With such a high-tech mobiles like the Y11, it is no surprise that the price is pretty high in India. But, do not let your mind get disappointed because there are ways that you could get a cheap version of this device, but still enjoy all its advanced features. One way is by buying the OME Y11 which is on sale on various online stores at a discounted price. You could buy vivo y11 smartphone from a brick and mortar store as well but unless you have an exact memory of the store where you intend to shop, or you know their exact prices, then you would not be able to avail of the offer.

Under Budget BuyMe Away – Budget is always the major constraint for most people when they buy a new gadget. So, if you have a limited budget, then you should go in for some cheap versions of popular smartphones. Such a device would be able to complement your budget, but at the same time would provide you with the basic handset functionalities, which you need for your everyday activities.

Under Budget BuyMe Away – The vivo y11 has been equipped with a powerful processor and comes with a decent camera as well. However, that does not mean that it would fall under the category of low-end devices. There are some good mid-budget phones that have been available in the UK market, like the ($) 401 from O2, and the ($) 7 from Vodafone. Both these devices have got a dual-core Android operating system, and come with 2GB of RAM, a large 5 mega pixel camera and a decent battery capacity of fifteen minutes.

Under Budget GetMe Away – Another interesting way to get a cheaper smartphone is to go in for a second-hand model, especially if it is still under the warranty period. This could be a very good opportunity for you to get the latest handset in town. As the prices of these second hand models have come down a lot recently, you could probably expect to get one with almost twice the features of the new model. So, in essence, instead of investing in a brand new vivo y11 3gb ram, go in for a refurbished one which is slightly older and with nearly half the features. This would help you save a lot of money. vivo y11

Snapshot – The next step to look at would be the camera setup of the phone. With the vivo y11 (2021), you would get a standard camera setup which includes a monochrome unit, a laser imaging unit and a high resolution colour unit. If you want to equip the phone with a video camera, then there is another option available in the form of the vivo YC9 plus lens, which will enable you to enjoy your videos at the highest possible quality. However, do note that you have to make the payment for this lens, which amounts to around twenty pounds in value. If you are looking for better zoom abilities and the ability to shoot in lower light, then you should opt for the vivo YC8i instead.


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