Most people claim to understand the purposes of God in their lives, the only one able to tell us what the future has for us; is God. We make our future with our actions in the present, we must life and enjoy the present to the fullest, it is a gift from God.What is the will of God There are many ways to understand the purposes of God for us. Our eyes can only see the things we allow them to see. The greatest gift God has for us is the Life he gave us, in return to this gift we must make the best out of it and the best way is to do it following his commandments in our lives.

You must life a faithful life following the will of God in your life, it is the only way you can get to understand and appreciate it to the fullest. You must take every moment of your life and ask yourself, if you are doing the things right. Once we surrender our heart to God, he owns every little part of our body including our thoughts and actions. There is on better felling than the presence of God in our lives, helping us and guiding us to the right path.

Our actions and thoughts are the ones that control our relationship with God, if we are faithful and love God, He will be more interested in helping us when we need his hand in our lives. In the long run in life everyone receive the things they deserve.

Have a nice day,

God Bless


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